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Upcoming Events in 2024

Living Muay Thai Symposium

"What is the purpose of martial education in the west, and are we meeting it?" Spend 3 days analyzing the foundations of our work, re-assessing ideas we have come to take for granted, and developing new methods that fit the truest goals of martial education in our gyms and around the world. We can also do a little touristing in DC together!


Start Date: 04/19/2024
End Date: 04/21/2024
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Ajarn Dave Gomez Seminar

Ajarn Dave Gomez will using his unique style and abilities to teach a Muay Thai seminar at the MX Gym in Superior, Wisconsin.

The seminar will be held on Friday evening 6:00pm to 8:00pm AND on Saturday 11:00am to 2:00pm.


Start Date: 05/24/2024 - Friday 6pm - 8pm
End Date: 05/25/2024 - Saturday 11am - 2pm
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Living Muay Thai Summit 2024

Great ready for an amazing immersive Muay Thai experience! With 6 top-notch instructors and over 36 classes crammed into 4 action packed days, the Summit is designed to elevate your Muay Thai skills to new heights.

By popular vote, this year's LMT Summit will be hosted by Khru Keith Leonard (The Forge Thai Boxing) in Pittsburgh, PA! The venue for this event will be The Rise 8 BJJ Academy.


Start Date: 10/03/2024
End Date: 10/06/2024
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image of man doing round kick



Wai Kru - Respect for the Teacher

Ajarn Justin (below left) demonstrates the Wai Khru at Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj in Thailand during the 2024 Thailand Training Tour. There are countless beautiful Wai Khrus out there, but this one is particularly special to our LMT Family. We're incredibly honored to have had the late Ajarn Sangtiennoi as one of our teachers and to carry on this Wai Khru with his family.

Ajarn Justin in Thailand demonstrating the Wai Kru Ceremony
Ajarn Justin Markus
Ajarn Sangtiennoi.jpg
Ajarn Sangtiennoi
(August 16, 1966 - May 16, 2021)