Thai American Cultural Arts Foundation (TACAF) and Living Muay Thai (LMT)


Our Story is Your Story

The Thai American Cultural Arts Foundation (TACAF) was founded with the mission of promoting Thai culture and art forms in the United States. One of their primary areas of focus was Muay Thai, which is not only a martial art but also an important part of Thailand's cultural heritage. To support Muay Thai education and community building, TACAF founded Living Muay Thai (LMT), a platform that brought together Muay Thai enthusiasts from around the world.

Through Living Muay Thai, we've offered seminars, workshops, and events that showcased the beauty and complexity of Muay Thai. We're developing a comprehensive online platform that provided educational resources, training tips, and community support to members worldwide. Over time, Living Muay Thai grew to include nearly a dozen gyms, all of which were committed to advancing the art and sharing their knowledge with others.

Our dream is to make Living Muay Thai a leading platform for Muay Thai education and community building, with a strong presence both nationally and internationally. Thanks to your passion, Muay Thai has found a renewed home in the United States, and practitioners around the world have a vibrant community to support their learning and growth.




Muay Thai Culture
Muay Thai Culture