Living Muay Thai is really about you. Our coaches are passionate about Thai culture and arts and we want to share this beautiful culture with you! Fundamentally, we want to provide the most authentic, knowledgeable and consistent approach succeeding with Muay Thai Boxing where you’re at, whether it be to grow, to fight, to build self-confidence or to seek personal enlightenment. 

We’re here to help you succeed!

For the Arts

It started in 2016.

The Thai American Cultural Arts Foundation is an organization started in 2016 to perpetuate and further
unify the Thai cultural arts as they connect to western civilization. TACAF gathers monetary, human, and
educational resources and takes actions in charitable giving, program development/support, and
cultural education that enhance the legacy of Ajarn Chai Sirisute, the Thai people, and those who
support Thai culture.

What LMT means for cultural arts.

Living Muay Thai focuses primarily on Muay Thai education, but will have a secondary purpose of opening diverse cultural opportunities, language studies, and teaching methods.

Meet The Gyms/Instructors


Khru Dave Gomez

Miami, Flordia


Khru Keith Leonard

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Coach Jose Fernandez

Black Lotus - Lake Worth, Fl


Ajarn Juice Veverka

Cleveland, Ohio


Ajarn David Kilian

Portland, Oregon


Khru Rex Terpstra

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Ajarn Mike Lee

Princeton Junction, New Jersey


Khru Harrison Ridall

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Ajarn Justin Markus

Duluth, Minnesota