LMT Ranking Levels


Living Muay Thai follows the Level Ranking system set forth by Ajarn Chai.
However, LMT has developed and set-forth its own requirements and techniqes for each level that must be learned and perfected by its students to obtain that level's rank.

Requirements and techniques begin at a basic entry level for novice students and progress upward through intermediate and advanced levels. Living Muay Thai has developed a curriculum that designates specific techiques and fundamentals that require a specific level of mastery and understanding needed in order to advance to the next level.

LMT believes their formula for instruction, guidance, practice, training, time, and testing is essential to a student's development and progression in the art of Muay Thai.

This page only lists the different Levels. A membership to Living Muay Thai will be required to view the requirements and techiques for the different levels.


Beginner Student Beginner Student

Level 1 White Armband

Level 2 Yellow Armband

Level 3 Orange Armband

Level 4 Green Armband

Level 5 Blue Armband

Level 6 Purple Armband

Level 7 Red Armband

Level 8 Brown Armband Student Level I

Level 9 Black Armband Student Level II

Level 10 Apprentice Instructor Student Level III

Level 11 Associate Instructor

Level 12 Full Instructor

Level 13 Senior Instructor / Ajarn